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SwiftEdit™ CMS

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Cross-browser Compatible

Whether your preferred web browser is Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera - our CMS will play nicely.

  1. Internet Explorer 7
  2. Opera
  3. Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Google Chrome

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SEO Ready Tools

Auto-generated XML sitemaps, Google Webmaster Tools integration-ready, and SmartRank Meta tags are just a few of the leading edge methods SwiftEdit CMS offers to make sure your site is a prime candidate for search engine placement.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools integration-ready
  2. Auto-generated XML sitemaps
  3. SmartRank Meta tags
  4. Search engine friendly url's
  5. Alternate Text for images in less than a minute

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Automatic Backup Manager

Safely rest assured knowing your website and all of its files, including images are backed up. Every time you log into SwiftEdit CMS a backup is created. If you are trying to make a change to one of your webpage's, and hit the wrong button, you can reload a backup of the site with just a few mouse clicks.

  1. Automatic backups created each time you log in
  2. Backs up absolutely everything on your site from content to media!
  3. You can manually make backups whenever you want
  4. Copy your website to a cd
  5. Complete reliability and peace of mind

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Form Wizard

Quickly and easily create forms using a super-simple wizard. You're running a promotion on your website and need a form to capture customer information. Your programmer is working on another project and can't do it right away. Not a problem with SwiftEdit CMS built in form wizard. Within minutes, you can create your own form.

  1. Use the form-wizard to help you create forms for your site
  2. View form submissions easily in the administration area
  3. Customize your forms to get only the information you need from your visitors
  4. Build Powerful HTML Forms...No Code Needed.

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Works on MAC

Surprisingly, we've found that very few management systems are compatible, or at least work well on Mac. We continue to develop our systems with both Windows and Mac in mind. Both the front end that the world can see as well as the backend admin section both work on a MacIntosh computer. WOW! a MacIntosh compatible Content Management system.

  1. Formatting remains consistent
  2. Automatic Updates to keep up with Mac's evolution
  3. A CMS tailored to graphic designers

Mobile & Handheld Friendly

Pages you create are automatically and instantly ready to be viewed from you handheld devices in a readable text format. As an added service, we have the capability of creating a streamlined version of your website in .mobi format. Mobile phone's use the .mobi extension; while mobile users, because of slower load times, do not want all the graphics and content loaded on their phone. Your website should be condensed to show the most inportant information only. ie Contact information, what you do and who you are. If your website takes to long to load on a mobile phone, potential clients will leave for your competitor's faster loading site.



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